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A beloved European capital, youthful, innovative, contemporary, bold and misunderstood.

Spring is the best time of the year to visit because the weather is usually mild although it remains unstable at times. The beauty of the season is tulips!

More than 400.000 tulips embellish every corner of the city in the most absurd places.

The Dutch love flowers, they buy them daily at the flea market and the stalls to decorate their houses. 58% of the population use bikes every day for their transportation, so the number of bikes exceeds that of people, bikes are dominating the streets. The tram is also a great way to navigate the city, route 5 and 10 are the best routes to get the vibe of the city.

At the museums square, the Rijksmuseum stands out with exhibits of the Flemish and Dutch school of painting among which are some masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer, most notably Night Watch.

The coffeeshops and the red-line District aren’t the only landmarks of a city that has more canals than Venice, 1281 bridges, around 2500 boathouses and a Golden Age atmosphere but vintage flea markets, alternative shopping, Van Gogh, diamond museums, friendly and laid-back residents.

The world's cycling capital

Explore Amsterdam's prettiest canals

The Jordaan

Strolling the canal belt

it's time for tulips!

The elegant canal houses are what makes the city unique

The Dum area in the centre is the most touristic, the Vondelpark, Nemo and the Artis Zoo are some of the best choices if you’re travelling with children. The Tropenmuseum with collections featuring other cultures and references to the Dutch colonies.

Food is quite expensive at the fancy restaurants but there are street options as well, paper cone cups with French Fries and mayonnaise, caramel stroopwaffles, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and amazing boulangeries, all these include countless options for vegetarians.

Nine little streets, as the name suggests, are nine streets of exquisite beauty where cars are not allowed located at the bohemian neighborhood named Jordaan. Cute little shops, some particularly eccentric, special gouda flavors, design furniture and accessories, cafés, pubs, bars of special aesthetic and atmosphere.

Walking around the 75 km of canals, bridges and houses with the particular roofs almost floating in Amstel’s waters reminds us that half of the country has been drained from the sea by dikes, canals and dams.

The building’s view from water level is magical and a cruise in the canals is the best way to see their beauty.

Amsterdam cheese store

We love tulips!

Bloemenmarkt -Masses of colourful blooms for sale

The building's view from water level is magical

How very Amsterdam

The Hortus Botanicus, one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens, contains innumerable marvels, among then a giant Victorica Amazonica water Lily, which blossoms once a year.

Van Stapele (Koekmakerij Heisteeg, 4) for the stroopwafels

Tales and Spirits for the atmosphere and for the rude cocktails.

Van Dobbens kroketten (croquettes) rule the town and compulsory after a late-night booze-up

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