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Great natural beauty


Norway is a fascinating country, known for its unapproachable, rocky and frilly coastline, the endless tunnels, glaciers and the colorful, wooden houses that are being reflected in the peaceful water of the fjords as well as people with an advanced civilization and a gentle soul, that have been isolated for centuries.

A rich, expensive and developed country, with a stable and qualitatively enviable environment, that offers you the opportunity to be in one of the most distant places in Europe, to discover eerie landscapes, by chasing the aurora borealis, further north than the Arctic Circle, in a place where the road ends, in the North Cape.

Bryggen in Bergen

There are stunning little shops and boutiques at every turn.

Bergen is one of the world's most beautiful cities ,arrayed around harbours and hillsides,and rich
in history and architecture.Its also the ideal starting point for a journey into splendid Sognefjord.


It is a city closely related to water, picturesque and modern, full of landscapes that will remain engraved on your heart forever, surrounded by some of the most stunning fjords that will astonish even the most demanding traveler.

The most beautiful and iconic spot of the city is without question the picturesque neighborhood of Bryggen, with its well-kept wooden houses on the old port, built in the early 18th century. The most of them are housing shops, small galleries and restaurants. During the summer months, the road is full of wooden benches, and thus both tourists and locals can enjoy the sun and the fresh sea breeze.

The famous fish market is stealing the show. Although it is open daily, the outdoor part, along the waterfront, is open only during the summer. Here, you can try tasty seafood and experience the sea character of the city.

You can taste fresh salmon that is being cooked on large outdoor grills, in front of your eyes, served with potatoes and beer.

The picturesque and lively Fish Market in Bergen

Byparken -Bergen

Typical wooden houses in the old part of Bergen

Charm and atmosphere-exploring the city is a must

A toothed railed will bring you 320m above sea level, in the most famous of the Seven Mountains, to admire the outstanding view of gulf of a city that looks straight out of a fairy tale.

At this point, there is a fascinating path through the Troll Forest, where there are wooden sculptures of the famous elves waiting for you to discover.

The dock of strandkaterminal is an excellent starting point of the daily cruises for exploring the nearby fjords, by sailing in the biggest part of Sognefjord and several smaller fjords. It takes 4 to 6 hours to get a taste of and bow to the flawless Norwegian nature.

We can doubtlessly call Bergen “the city of rain” because of the continuous rainfall especially in the heart of the summer. So, you must be equipped with a raincoat and a windcheater!

As a coffee-loving nation, Norwegians have high standards when it comes to coffee and thus you are going to enjoy it. You can find cute cafes with Scandinavian design, lighted candles and blankets, in case of sudden cold, as well as modern restaurants everywhere in the city, and huge shopping malls especially in Strangaten Street.

Bergen is the best starting point for exploring the fjords,the biggest attraction in Scandinavia.Using Bergen
as your base ,you can go on various tours.You can take trips to the Sognefjord-Norway's longest and deepest fjord or the Hardangerfjord ,also known as the queen of the Norwegian fjords.

Smoked salmon to Stokfisk : The traditional foods of Norway

Bergen,Hanseatic city


One of the most breathtaking, not to say the most breathtaking, fjord, resembling a water artery that separates the country into two parts and reaching a maximum depth of 1308m.

One of the most beautiful natural landscapes with calm water, granite slopes, small and large waterfalls, peaceful ports, and small wooden houses, standing in the vastness of the glory of nature. Dazed by this beauty, I am staring at it by whispering.The river Laerdal, which ends in the fjord, is known as a site of salmon fishing and as a center and exhibition of salmon’s life cycle.

Most visitors do the classic Norway in a Nutshell tour from Bergen ,you also can do a mini version.

The Bergen Railway between Bergen and Oslo has ranked as one of the greatest train journeys in the world.

Experience the fjords,mountains and waterfalls!

Waterfall in sognefjord

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