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Danes love their kaffe and nothing feels better than a warm cup of coffee

Shopping on the Side Streets of Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark is a cool city that can undoubtedly boast about its citizens’ high quality of life, their passion for design, bikes and Hygge.

Having visited the city several times, I can now say that Hygge for the Danish culture means “warming my soul” by enjoying simple pleasures, I light candles to brighten winter’s darkness, wrap myself up in a warm blanket and enjoy hot chocolate, dress with comfy clothing and take pleasure of the city’s green scenery, cycle through the town no matter the weather, have a picnic, read books and admire both modern and vintage style with the same passion.

The Design Museum Danmark is one of the top sights to see in Copenhagen

The World’s longest Pedestrian Street ”Strøget”

For the Danes ,good design is not just for museums and institutions ,they live with
it day to day

This unique city’s atmosphere is everywhere in the air, in the cozy cafés and restaurants, in the lovely pastries and bakeries.

I fell in love looking at the “Danish pastries” in the shops’ windows all around the city.The winter has a gloomy vibe and even if the citizens complain about the cold, this is their season. This is one of the most beautiful and lively European capitals, marrying the historical features of the buildings with modern design in the most creative way.

Summer and spring are for sure the most tourist seasons; you can bask in the sun on the dock of Nyhavn, the most photographed city’s spot, stroll with a boat and get lost in the small, narrow streets, around the popular “stroget” area, which is a huge pedestrian shopping street with brands that can be found in all European capitals.

So, wander around and get lost in the attractiveness of the small cafés, the small local independent shops, the beautiful flower shops and the best design stores.

No doubt, the bicycle culture in Copenhagen is pretty unique

The northern side of Nyhavn is lined by brightly coloured townhouses

Experience the city from the water side

Every day, 49% of Copenhageners commute to work or studies on a bike

My favorite neighborhood is the canal quarter, Christianshavn, a mostly residential area, with the most nautical atmosphere, dominated by houseboats and historical canals that reveal the unique and distinctive personality of the district.

The route is magical, by sailing through the water you have the chance to admire the stunning buildings and this is the only way to discover places not easily observed.

Don’t miss

With its 2 permanent exhibitions, “Danish Design Now” and “The Danish Chair: An International Affair”, and several temporary exhibitions at a time, the DanishMuseum of Art&Design is a must-see for those interested in the history and current trends of Danish design. I loved the Nationalmuseet, with the exhibition “Historical knowledge – the world, a journey around the globe and find out more about Africa, the lands of the MediterraneanAsiaNorth AmericaSouth and Central AmericaOceania and the Arctic.

Some places I recommend you visit are:


Central Hotel og Cafe

This is the world’s smallest hotel and Copenhagen’s smallest coffee shop

Here are just five seats and  only one room, naturally it’s advised to try and book well in advance


Sankt Peders Straede 29, this independent bakery sits on one of the cutest streets in Copenhagen, is a great pit-stop for takeaway goodies and a stroll through the centre of the city or a nearby park.


A great café and pastry shop, near Nyahavn, their vegan avocado sandwich is simply fantastic!

Democratic Coffee Bar

I discovered this place by chance while looking for my morning coffee. Not only their interior is cool, but the coffee is delicious and so are the croissants freshly baked on the spot. It is adjacent to a public library, so people coming here can enjoy free magazines and internet as well.

Picturesque, quaint part of Copenhagen harbor

The Little Mermaid is really little , is only 1.25 metres/4 feet high

Kayaking in Copenhagen, Denmark

Changing of The Royal Guard

You are never far from a green oasis

Houseboat in Copenhagen harbour

If you are looking for a fairy -tale experience ,nobody does it better than the

On my most recent trip to Copenhagen I met Ioanna, a student and waitress.

Let’s discover the city through her eyes:

At first glance, for many travellers Copenhagen sounds like a rainy, grey and expensive city. In reality, it’s a city that has much to offer, provided that you’re supplied with a bike, a raincoat and a camera. It’s a place that literally transforms during the year, offering various experiences to both visitors and locals. With its minimal and human-centred design, it creates this ‘’hygge’’ (i.e. cosy) feeling that Scandinavia is known for; no matter if you’re enjoying a warm drink or a colourful and nutritious brunch in one of the industrial-looking cafés like Fars Dreng or Spis, or if you’re catching the sun on the waterfront platforms of Nordhavn or Islands Brygge. It’s worth it also to get the urban vibes of the city, passing by Nørrebro, the most multicultural district. The real gem there is the Superkilen park, which hosts an open space exhibition filled with installations from all over the world, representing the cultural diversity of the area.

Copenhagen is undoubtedly gaining foodie credentials as well. Indeed, many distinguished restaurants are often tagged in magazines, but where I always bring my friends who visit me is Hooked, a new-age fish market. Then, it’s impressive how many local breweries are hidden all over the city. Brus is one of them, giving you the chance of tasting seasonal draft beers, produced just behind the bar.

For me, Copenhagen means green and grey, it means colourful old houses and contemporary glass buildings, it means biking around and chilling with a warm chai latte in hand, it means sustainability, it means heterogeneity.

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