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It is the capital of the island and has a very picturesque harbor and castle, Mediterranean air and some of the best scenery of the Canary Islands.

Port of Arrecife,Lanzarote island

the old part of the city

Bolas Bridge and San Gabriel Castle

Charco de San Gines, Arrecife, Lanzarote

Timanfaya national park

The fire mountains

Between 1730 and 1736 almost 30 volcanos erupted and as a result, 11 villages were destroyed. The Violent explosions left a mysterious and enchanting landscape with colorful rock formations, dry and copper-colored sand.

With a quarter of the island covered extensively by magma and ashes, the surrounding ground began to resemble the rugged surface of the moon. Today, under all the drought, the magma at Timanfaya is still active 4-6 feet below the surface.

In order to prevent erosion and to maintain the post-eruption state of the area, only organized guided tours by bus are allowed. At the top of the mountain, there is a restaurant called El Diablo, a shop and an area with information about the park.

The experience of climbing up the slope on camels is incomparable.

Visit the area of La Geria, where you can admire vineyards in the slopes of volcanic landscapes with special technical methods. At the El Grifo Wine Museum you taste varieties of the famous local wine with the special taste.

Explore the Montanas del fuego,Lanzarote

The experience of climbing up the slope on camels is incomparable

Visit the area of La Geria

The volcanic landscape,Lanzarote


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