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A world in a city


A world-class city that you can find anything you want, that pioneers but gets bored easily, a dazzling and sometimes arrogant metropolis that fools you into its rhythm.

We can all agree that the birthplace of marketing knows how to sell itself


The island initially called New Amsterdam was first inhabited by Dutch immigrants fur merchants, now speaks more than 800 languages.

It’s this multicultural profile that gives this city a special place in my heart

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is the oldest part and is the financial center of the world, also, the blandest part of the city if you ask me. You’ll see bankers in a hurry walking along Wall Street holding their strong Americano surrounded by Art Deco skyscrapers, the liberty tower, the Trinity tower, the Federal Reserve Bank, the George Washington Statue, the charging bull surrounded by tourists taking photos. Along those, Century 21 for your shopping is in walking distance, Katz’s Deli delicious giant pastrami sandwiches and Hot Dog carts will satisfy your cravings.

There are ferries leaving Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Be sure to come early in the day because waiting lines can be lengthy in the summer months. Beautiful gardens adorn the park and if you have young children you should definitely visit the magical See Glass Carrousel. The ferries to Liberty Island leave every 20-30 minutes and offers magnificent views of Manhattan and really good opportunities for your photo shots.

Manhattan is an island 25 km in length and 4 in width, which means that if you have the stamina needed, you can walk around all of it. Most of the sights and hotspots are located in the Lower Manhattan and midtown area. To get to Time Square it will take you around 4-5 hours in a steady rhythm, making it through the traffic lights, while also resting every now and then at the parks. In the end, you’re going to agree with me that this was the best way to get the most of Manhattan.

Most avenues are numbered progressively from the east to the west (e.g. the 1st avenue is to the east of the 2nd). The famous yellow TAXIs, a classic NY sight, are cheap and are the best way to get around in the night.

The Hope sculpture ,Times Square NYC

Madison square Park

Central Park,the coolest spot in the city

New York City Fire Department

Avoid Chinatown, Little Italy, Astoria and move on to Soho and Tribeca. Soho is noted for its striking cast-iron architecture, a style that dominated construction from the mid 19th to the turn of the 20th century. This neighborhood is known primarily for one thing: Shopping. Cool places that are hidden in the backstreets, street vendors and a pleasant but chaotic aura. Greenwich Village is very picturesque consisting of low-rise brick-built buildings that feels very familiar and friendly. Hell’s kitchen is known for its concentration of top-tier restaurants that you can find and for its Irish mafia history. If you’re on the way for a Broadway Show in Times Square, this is the place to grab something to eat or drink.

The New York locals head to Chelsea when they want to experience amazing theater. Apparently, one of the best and most common shows is called Sleep No More (McKittrick Hotel). This award-winning theatrical show is something you shouldn’t miss.

Shake shak Burger Hut is located in Madison Square Park and is an excellent choice to grab a delicious Burger and Cheese Fries and enjoy them at the park. It seems that there is always something going on in this park, be it outdoor yoga classes, gigs, happenings or public art installations.

Times Square is undoubtedly the most popular tourist attraction, tourists love it and locals love to hate it, avoiding it whenever possible. Everything stays open 24/7/365 there, where the LED advertisement billboards and the remnants of the American dream shine all day long.

At the heart of Midtown lies Times Square

The Theater District

Visit Macy’s, the popular superstore, in the morning. It is open from 10 am to 10 pm, but don’t think it will be enough to see all of it. Some of the entrances and escalators date back to the last century. The Christmas decorations are just amazing.

New York city is full of legendary performance venues, but few match Radio City music hall in terms of sheer elegance. A plethora of noteworthy performers have graced its boards, including huge pop stars.

In the Empire State Building, on the 86th floor, the outdoor observatory offers you 360° views. If you have watched the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, you’ll remember the scene where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan finally meet at the famous skyscraper.

Alternatively, on the 65th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza with an equally breath-taking view, Rainbow Room is an equally excellent choice, chosen by the locals for their brunch or Cocktails. Ideal for those who don’t want to wait in the line and spend a fortune for the ticket in the empire state.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met houses more than two million treasures

Momahosts one of the best art collections in the world, some of which are Van Gogh’s Starry night, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon(The Young Ladies of Avignon) and my personal favorite Claude Monet’s  Reflections of Clouds on the Water – Lily Pond.

Try to arrive at the MET by opening time at 10 am, from the southern end of the park, it takes around 40 minutes to walk to the museum. The European paintings and the Temple of Dendur are a must. At the last floor, there is a patio with a magnificent view of the central park and the skyscrapers. Roof Garden Cafe its a must visit!

There isn’t a ticket but you donate a certain amount to get into the American natural history Museum. It is great for families as it contains fascinating, dinosaur skeletons, fossils, a butterfly conservatory, a rainforest and much more.

A scenic cruise around New York harbor

Crossing the Bridge

Central Park’s landscape with its vast green areas, artificial ponds in which you can have boat rides in the afternoon, 2 ice-skating rinks, a zoo, vintage carousels, and a theatre make it one of the top destinations.

You can have picnics in the vast grass-covered areas accompanied by squirrels watching a baseball game or simply ride your bike and watch joggers, skaters and all sorts of theatrical and musical plays.

Brooklyn Bridge is also a much-loved place. Walk to Brooklyn in the evening will make you fall in love with the colors of the city’s sky.

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