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Saint Petersburg

I pictured it as a cold, frozen city that fits in the winter -a heavy winter that covers its imposing buildings with snow and freezes the waters of Neva- from what I had read in the books of the great writers

Seemingly unaffected by the long Communist period, it retains the atmosphere of imperial Russia, especially at its center. Outside of its tourist zone, the monstrous, gray “communal apartment-complexes” remind that things are different from the bright and luxurious shop windows.

St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in 1703 and its winter palace was completed in 1762. It was built to house the royal family. From its windows you can see the same images and views as Grand Catherine, who loved exuberance and power.

Hermitage museum, which houses 2.8 million exhibits in 365 halls, stands out among the riches of the palaces. If you get here early in the day Monet’s work “the woman in the garden”, Picasso’s and Henri Matisse’s work, will be at your service exclusively for your own enjoyment.

Being the capital of Russia for two centuries is full of palaces of tsars, vast in size and history, in other words it is an open museum of the baroque and neoclassicism movements. It’s built on a complex of small islands separated by artificial canals and countless bridges, it is full of wide avenues, ornately decorated palaces, gardens and parks, carved bridges and monuments.

Along the famous Nevsky Prospect avenue you will find great restaurants and luxurious shops, and within the 4.5 km that it spans you will hear young music bands, you will see jugglers, street painters and drink the best vodka in the world in a small glass.

The Hermitage

St.Petersburg -North Venice

The church on Spilled blood is imposing and colorfully impressive in its green surroundings. It was built in 1883, destroyed during the Second World War and reopened after 27 years of work. With medieval Russian style, it stands out for the elaborate mosaics that cover the roof and its walls.

The 5-line metro network is huge and covers most of the city. Its stops are written only in Russian and it works till midnight. After midnight you can get a taxi but get in only after you agree on the price.

A night cruise will give you unique views, you will see bridges raise in order for the ships to pass and impressive buildings and statues to get other dimensions under the colorful lights.

The Savior on the Blood Church

The red bridge

Yeliseyevsky Gastronom

An amazing art deco building, a gourmet grocery store for your gifts that your friends will not stop admiring, with local products, vodka, tea, caviar and a variety of Russian cheeses. Nevsky Prospect 56.

The best time to visit, which is also the most touristic, is during the White Nights period starting from June 11th to July 11th and the city celebrates with a multitude of cultural events.

Nevsky Prospekt Avenue

Street Performers in St.Petersburg

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