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Feel the vibe, Jamaica

The third largest island in the Caribbean has everything, tropical vegetation, fast-flowing rivers, “movie stars” beaches, Blue Mountains and a colorful African vibe.

Jamaica with its remarkable cultural and historical heritage and the independent personality of the locals offers a unique experience.

The culture of the island is a great blend of strong national pride, reggae and Rastafarianism. The largest part of the island, and especially the capital city, is suffering from insecurity because of both political conflict, caused by lack of economic opportunities, and criminal gang activity.

24hs Ocho rios

The majority of visitors come from cruise ships that dock in the port. Due to a large number of cruise ships, the urban rhythm is changing, and the city comes alive just like a traditional Jamaican market. Tall and skinny street vendors with dreadlocks are selling much more than bananas and souvenirs “no problem”.

One Love ,Jamaica

Craft Market ,Ocho Rios

In Jamaica you don’t need money because “you have the sky, the sea and reggae
music”. After all, the island is not for everyone and if you escape from the luxurious all-inclusive resorts, maybe you’ll understand the words above.

 Dunn’s river falls

The most popular Jamaican tourist attraction and activity is climbing Dunn’s river waterfall. If you are searching for adventure, it is an experience worth trying while on vacation.

In the verdant natural landscape, impressive waterfalls at about 180 feet high tumble over the rocks, creating lagoons and pools, and then empty into a beautiful picturesque beach. This is the starting point of an incredible and enjoyable climbing experience which takes about an hour. There are tour guides who can give you a hand passing through the narrow rocky paths, where the water flows extremely fast. Take your water shoes and a waterproof camera with you and don’t forget your swimwear!

Mahogany beach

Dunn's River Falls

Shaw park gardens

It is a botanical garden, resembling a beautiful part of a jungle, full of different types of fern and sugarcane, wild orchids, ginger flower, hibiscus in different colors and termite nests in extremely tall trees. And who said that plants cannot feel? You can discover the humble mimosa pudica (don’t touch) which responds to your touch and rapidly closes its leaves and droops as if she feels ashamed of something. Just incredible!

I swam to the nearby public beach, Mahogany beach, which is particularly popular with locals.  Smells of jerk cooking, the famous chicken marinated in a blend of hot spices, buckets of cold red stripe, happy voices and loud music playing “One Love, one heart let’s get together and be all right”.

Jamaican flowers

Pink Ginger Flower

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