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The city welcomed me in March and it was as I remembered it, twenty years ago, flawless, classical, eternal.

The railway station (Termini) is also the starting point of all the buses to its airports and the port. The metro has two lines A and B and one under construction near the Colosseum. It goes around the historical center, the best way to see the city is on foot so you need a good sturdy pair of shoes ideal for the paved streets of the city.

Rome is always crowded, noisy, full of tourists who rush to see everything It has to offer: the exceptionally beautiful museums, the galleries S. Peter’s basilica the Vatican, Bernini, Raphael Michelangelo’ Pieta the obscure painter, Caravaggio painter, the pioneer Da Vinci, Rome through the ages (Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance)

The Spanish steps, 135 in number, is the meeting point of tourists and locals near the famous boutiques and the latest fashion defile. There you meet for high fashion shopping or simply for an espresso. You will undoubtedly find a good espresso in this city.

Historic centre ,Rome

Ponte Sant'Angelo , Rome.

Piazza Navona ,Rome

Local Life ,Rome

A typical choice for the famous tiramisu is “Pompi” in via della Groce 82 but there are other places too where you can enjoy a classico or with fruits of the forest for the more adventurous customers.

It is worth traveling to Rome only for that. Walking in the narrow streets you can find cafes and restaurants who have been standing there for ages most of which pose a “trap” for the tourists as they are expensive and dull like the identical souvenirs you find almost everywhere.

Then you come to the Fontana di Trevi, the famous fountain, where, as the tradition goes, if you throw a coin you will certainly come back to Rome and the popular Piazza Navona which is nearly always crowded and the Pantheon. All these in walking distance!

Campo dei fiori,Rome

Best Food Markets ,Rome

Campo dei Fiori

I choose this square because of its two-edged personality. During the day it is a street market right out of the Fellini film, with wooden stalls full of cheeses, cured meat products, pasta and also flowers for the romantic ones. At night you see bars and restaurants and you feel the Italian temperament.

It is one of the few squares that do not have a church as it used to be a notorious neighborhood! You can feel its character in the air. This is the place where Caravaggio killed a friend for a woman’s eyes and the humanistic Giordano Bruno was burnt as a heretic. His statue black and dark dominates the center of the square.

Don’t walk past it, stay and have a glass of white wine and a slice of thin crispy pizza from the best bakery in Rome which you will easily find from the queue at the entrance: Forno Campo de Fiori, since 1970. You will also see little antique shops, galleries (Picasso worked here in number 54) and any little shop you can think of, you will find it here in this picturesque pedestrian street from the 1600s called Via Margutta.

Don’t miss lunch at the little traditional trattoria Fiaschetteria Beltramme(via Della Groce 39).It looks as if time has stopped here. The food is delicious and simple; you should try pasta Aglio e Olio and savor the simplicity of its taste.

Take a break ,Trastevere Rome

Vintage Rome,Trastevere


A neighborhood close to the Tiber that reminds a bit of the Italian province. An atmosphere familiar to those that have seen Woody Allen’s movie about Rome.

The old folk district is today the heart of the nightlife, with countless entertainment options and all the terracotta shades. Via Della Scala, via Della lungaretta, picturesque squares, churches, gardens.
Rome’s oldest pharmacy, the pharmacy of the Popes, Antica speziera di Santa Maria Della Scala, still works. If you are lucky you will find a table at the Cantina di Papi, a salumeria with only one table out, for a Frescati Glass.

St.Peter's Basilica

There 's too much to see in one visit

St. Peter and the Vatican Museums.

Saint Peter’s Basilica is the largest church of Roman Catholicism and the most impressive.

The queue is usually long and the impatience great, as is the awe that you will feel in front of its imposing dimensions. Plenty of marble and heavy baroque decoration, melancholic tombs and the bronze statue of St. Peter’s Arnolfo da Cambio, which is famous for the wear suffered in the foot by the kisses of the pilgrims.

The fame of the Chapel of Sistina is down to its painting decoration. Over a period of four years (around 1500), Michael Angelos painted the dome and the wall of the sanctuary with more than 300 biblical figures and performances, mainly from Genesis and the Second Advent.

The dome was so high that he devised a style, painted the figures distorted so that they would look normal to the viewer.

The Creation of Adam is Breath-taking.

No matter how many days you stay, you will not find it to be enough, the charm of this city is great, as a diva of the old cinema, per sempre.


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