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Faroe islands

Somewhere between Scotland, Norway and Iceland, you can find 18 forgotten islands, one of them uninhabited, with high sheer slopes, untouched nature and black houses with red doors incorporating the principles of minimal Scandinavian design. Welcome to the Faroe Islands!

The capital city Torshavn, located in the island Stremoy, is small but cosmopolitan, with almost 20.000 residents that I guess they must know each other.

Buses No. 2 & 3 will guide you through the city at no cost in a drive that lasts 50 minutes. The fish market is a feast for the eyes and smiley residents are ready to give you directions by even changing their route in order to accompany you.

The Faroe Islands have a very rich and exciting cultural life

Summer in the Faroe is a time to celebrate the island's natural beauty

Impessive landscapes,rich culture ,nice people and few tourists.An exciting but at the same time peaceful
and unexploited destination.

One of the best locations in town is the harbor with idyllic old warehouses, nice cafes, modern restaurants and bars.

With a warm blanket wrapped around you, feel free to enjoy a café latte and the sunshine whilst sitting outside at one of the café tables.

The best coffee in Tórshavn can be found at Brell Café. The café imports the beans itself and they are roasted several times a week.

Brell Cafe,Vaglið, 100 Tórshavn

Aastova is a great restaurant  (two courses 60euro). It serves traditional dishes – what you would eat in a Faroese home. The place is tiny,the food its delicious.

Aastova,Gongin 1,100 Tórshavn

Barbara is a more modern fish  restaurant. Go there to eat mussels  and fish soup

Barbara ,Gongin 4-6 ,100 Tórshavn

Alongside the old wooden boats, you will find internationally acclaimed Faroese design labels and all the up and coming designers too.

The Faroe Islands land area is 1,399 km2

The population of the Faroe Islands is just below 50.000

Torshavn Cathedral

A local proverb says: wool is Faroese gold

Faroe horses are an iconic image of the Faroe Islands

The turf-roofed style is the perfect match to the Faroe Islands weather

Torshavn old town Tinganes is one of the world’s oldest courts dating from approximately 825. Travel back in time as you stroll around Tinganes and Torshavn’s oldest part called Reyn ,with its narrow lanes and small houses with grass roofs.

One of the many special features of the Faroe Islands is that you don’t have to go far to experience magnificent and untouched nature. Look around you.It is all right there!

The first thing that you might notice when coming to the islands in summer is
the large number of breeding birds

Fishing is the main industry of the Islands

The Harbour in Torshavn,capital of the Faroe Islands

Small boats docked in the harbour

Aastova is a great restaurant

MUSTBUY : You should buy handmade sweaters made of organic wool Gundrun&Gundrun.


The westernmost island of the islands is called Mykines.It is famous for its rich bird life during the summer months.

To reach the puffin -thick island of Mykines ,either take the flight from Vagar ( or drive to Sorvagur ,30 miles west of Torshavn ,for a 50 minutes boat ride.

Getting there

From Vagar airport ,drive for 45 minutes to reach Torshavn.With most islands linked by roads and subsea tunnels,renting a car is the best way to travel.There’s also a network of buses and ferries plus helicopter services between islands.

The weather patterns are wildly unpredictable. In fact, there’s actually a saying in the Faroe Islands that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes – something we came to understand within the first few minutes of being there.

61.8926° N, 6.9118° W

some of the most remarkable islands are only accessible by boat or helicopter

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