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We are all explorers in life ,no matter which route we follow –Fridtjof  Nansen    

 Arctic Explorer

Although Northern Norway is a sparsely populated and remote area that faces a harsh climate, seeing it through the visitors’ eyes, it is the land of the Midnight Sun, the land of Laplanders and reindeer. It is the desirable travel goal to feel the fresh air of the arctic zone, the dense snow and admire the vastness of the magnificent snowy landscape.


Located on the 69ο parallel north, this city is landmark in the journey towards the north and at the same time a pass to the Lofoten islands.The city of Tromso, situated well north of the Arctic Circle, is an exciting place to experience not only the midnight sun in the summer but also the aurora borealis in the winter. It is also the starting point for the explorations to the North Pole.

Old port in Tromso

Tromso bridge

Polaria is an Arctic experience centre for the whole family

Discover Arctic Tromso

The landmarks of the city considered to be the Arctic Cathedral, which is a stunning architectural masterpiece, and the Arctic experience center “Polaria”, in which, through displays on the impressive Svalbard region, you can get a first-hand experience of polar bears, discover the Arctic fauna and watch a short film about the northern lights. Its modern design represents vertical ice floes touching one another.

It takes only 4 minutes to ride the cable car “Fjellheisen”, dating back to 1961, and reach the top at 421m above sea level, so as to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the city, also known as “Paris of the North”.

The most iconic pub in Tromso is “Olhallen” , which is teeming with fishermen, hunters, polar explorers and of course students, because here you can find the oldest university of the world.

When I visited Tromso in early spring, isothermal clothes and the appropriate shoes were necessary due to polar temperatures around -14 °C and -18 °C during the day.

Tromso offers a broad range of local companies offer everything from knitwear to craft and food products.

Don’t miss:

Kaffebonna for coffee &pastries

Fjellstua is the café and restaurant of Fjellheisen cable car station. Enjoy your coffee and Norwegian waffle with a view.

Polaria gift shop : Meet the Arctic .Polaria has a great selection of gift ideas and souvenirs.

Smortorget  ( Sjogata 11) is a special place with art, design, retro and good coffee.

Farmers Market on Saturdays throughout the year. Stortorget Main Square

Alta   &  Honningsvag

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Sami culture

The hotel it is open only in winters

Ice carving sculpture in Alta, Norway

Almost 20000 residents live in this frozen, and without picturesque sceneries, city, because the beauty is found outside the town, in the peaceful landscapes of the frozen lakes and the Northern Lights. Those lights come in a myriad of shapes, like rolling smoke, like white moving curtains or clouds, and their color is usually white , green or even blue. This is the reason why many travelers swarm to visit this place. Outside the Northern Lights Cathedral, there are usually artistic exhibitions with ice sculptures and sleigh competitions usually organized for kids.

Images of scattered haddocks, tundra vegetation, eerie scenery because of the soil erosion, herds of reindeers and impressive grand elks are an interesting combination that worth the price travelling there.

The journey in the land of the Sami is breathtaking, 20 kilometers from city along the river Alta, you can find Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. The impressive structure is made entirely from snow and is recreated each year. It is open only in winters and the indoor temperature is between -4 °C to-7 °C.

It does not fascinate me to spend the night in such a cold place inside a sleeping bag, but I have to admit that it is an amazing original idea.

Also visit

World heritage centre for rock art -Alta museum

One of the largest rock carving sites in Europe, included in the UNESCO  World Heritage list. The carvings were made by hunters ,the oldest being 7000 years old.

Nordlysbadet Waterpark

Water park with saunas, diving pools, waterslides, café ,outdoor hot tub and much more -Markedsgt 27,Alta


It is the northernmost city in Norway with a population of 30,000 people, who use beautiful wooden sledges as means of transport during the winter. It is a big cruise port, especially for the ships that are sailing to the North Cape at 71 degrees north, located 36km far from the city.

View of the city of Honningsvag

The port of Honningsvag

Winter in Honningsvag

Honningsvag magic

Once I have reached the city, it was continuously snowing. Everything was covered by heavy snow and I thought that this was for me the real Santa Claus village.

The colors of the sky and the sea, the houses lost in the snow, the white church that was almost invisible, were some of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever seen!

The European highway E69 ends in the North Cape inside both a tunnel and an undersea tunnel of 6875 meters long, and it is a travel goal for many people to reach this destination. A spectacular rock of 307 meters, with a plateau at the top and a huge metallic sphere, marks the end of the journey and offers you a great view of the Barents Sea.

Despite the harsh weather conditions during the winter, the road is accessible throughout the year only to buses and by following a specific time schedule. The Department of the Environment protested the NORDKAPPSVELAS company and the ticket’s high price, which costs 235NOK (24EUR). However, with 8000 visitors per day, this is maybe the most popular and significant attraction in the country.

Arctic Norway

Road to the north

71° 10′ 21″ N, 25° 47′ 4″ E

Nordkapp The Midnight Sun

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