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The third largest city of Norway is located in the centre of the country and is considered to be the link between the south and the north.

A small city with many students and a well-known university, full of parks, bicycles, full of life, despite the extremely low temperatures and the unbelievable snow.

The most photographed spot is the dock, with its colorful wooden houses by the river Nidelva, which can be described as old constructions, being based on poles inside the water. Next to them, there is the historic Gamle Bybro Bridge, also known as “Gateway to happiness”, since 1681.

Going via this iconic Old City Bridge, you enter Bakklandet, a picturesque area considered as the major tourist attraction in the city. Although in the early 1600s, it used to be a poor neighborhood inhabited by fishermen and workers, today it is a trendy and touristy district, which was at risk of being demolished because of a highway construction, about 50 years ago.

To get an even closer look at the buildings along the river Nidelven book a tour with Trondheim Kajakk.

The traditional fisherman houses of Trondheim, Norway.

Old Town bridge

The old town is full of small colourful houses.

Colors and wooden wharfs at Bakklandet - Trondheim

Bakkladet Skydsstation

Don’t miss this atmospheric café-restaurant with cozy and relaxed atmosphere, like a grandmother’s living room. Vintage furniture, embroidered pillows and black and white pictures remind us of the past, while delicious fish soup is served with a friendly smile.

Kafe Soil

Lovely little  café in the old town with vegan options and home-made cake.


For a chill night out with live music head to Antikvariatet ,a small bar with regular live gigs.


Bakkladet Skydsstation

The view from Kafe Soil


A city that reminds us of the fantastic Disney World, with impressive buildings of ArtNouveau architecture, can be described as the world’s most beautiful landscape, taking in

to consideration the spectacular roads leading to Geiranger.


Alesund houses and boats reflected in the canal


Ålesund Kajakk.

ArtNouveau Ålesund

There are very few places in the world where you can find hiking experiences right in the middle of town. The well -known lookout point Fjellstua and the town mountain Aksla gives you a panoramic view of Alesud, the SunnmoreAlps ,the fjord and the ocean that you are not likely to forget. The mountains by the coast are free from snow, and you can explore them on foot throughout most of the year.

Became familiar with the bird life at Runde on one of the sightseeing tours on the island in summer. You will find yourself in the middle of nature, please remember that Runde has protected nature areas with specific rules of access.

In a country with 3000km of coastline, nature is undoubtedly the protagonist.

Beautiful Ålesund, pearl of the North

Molo Brew AS

 Fjellstua viewpoint  has got an outdoor café, when you can try the best svele in town, and a platform to enjoy the view. To go up to Aksla you can either take the 418 steps that go up from the Town Park or you can drive Borgundfjordveien/Fjelltunveien all the way up.

Molo BrewAS

In this amazing retro pub, right on the dock, you can taste a beer of blueberries or choose between a wide range of 35 beers produced by its own brewers.

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